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Studio 8 – Caroline Finlay

Studio 8 – Caroline Finlay

Caroline Finlay


Designer, Jewellery Maker, Enameller, Teacher, Printmaker

The unpredictable nature and untamed beauty of the Scottish coastline and landscape is my inspiration. Designs are informed by the textures, colours, shapes and light I find there and the emotions they evoke. I use silver and enamel in my contemporary jewellery. Enamel allows me to introduce colour into my work and I use a palette that echoes my inspiration.

I explore traditional jewellery making and enamelling techniques in an experimental way, creating unique mark making and form. Each stage is made by hand; I prefer the fluidity this gives my work; nothing is identical. I enjoy the connection this gives me with each piece and the spontaneity that experimenting with enamel allows.

I exhibit and sell my work widely in the UK as well as internationally.

I run Enamelling and Jewellery Making classes from my studio.

More recently I have introduced printmaking into my practice. Etchings, Screenprints and Monoprints are inspired by my natural surroundings.

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